Birra Moretti is the ultimate Italian lager since 1859, brewed to the same authentic recipe created by Luigi Moretti in Udine, north east Italy. Birra Moretti’s special blend of high quality hops creates a smooth, full bodied beer with wholemeal bread top notes which are cut by a delicate citrus note. It’s balanced flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment to meals – enjoy at lunch or dinner. Enjoy the Italian way. Make time for what matters, and enjoy a Birra Moretti around the table with family and friends – salute!


The iconic character featuring on every Moretti label since 1942 is known as ‘Baffo’. Lao Moretti wanted to update the brand image to reflect the wholesome, traditional and authentic personality of Birra Moretti and saw Baffo sat in a bar in Udine and thought he was the perfect fit.