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United Wines, as a Heineken operating company, supply some of the worlds leading beers. Heineken is served in over 172 countries with a comprehensive list of supporting brands including Birra Moretti, Orchard Thieves, Strongbow, Sol, Tiger, Fosters and Desperados. With Beamish and Murphy's stout included, there's a product for every taste.


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Amstel 12pk x 300ml

Birra Moretti 12pk x 330ml

Birra Moretti 0.0 4pk x 330ml

Birra Moretti 4pk x 330ml

Birra Moretti 30ltr Keg

Birra Moretti 660ml

Birra Moretti 6pk x 330ml Cans

Crabbie’s Ginger Beer

Crabbie’s Raspberry

Crabbie’s Strawberry & Lime

Crabbie’s Rhubarb & Ginger

Cute Hoor 30ltr Keg

Desperados 3pk x 330ml

Desperados 24 x 330ml

Fosters 12pk x 440ml

Fosters 50ltr Keg

Fosters 4pk x 440ml

Heineken® Original 24x330ml

Heineken®Original 4pk x 330ml

Heineken® Original 6pk x 330ml

Heineken® Original 12 x 650ml

Heineken®0.0 4pk x 330ml

Heineken®0.0 6pk x 330ml

Heineken® Original 4pk x 440ml

Heineken® Original 50ltr Keg

Heineken® David 20ltr Keg

Heineken®0.0 8ltr Blade Keg

Heineken Original® 12pk x 330ml

Heineken® Original 4pk x 568ml

John Smith Extra Smooth 440ml

Kronenbourg 50ltr Keg

Kronenbourg 660ml

Kronenbourg 12pk x 275ml

Kronenbourg 440ml

Kronenbourg 10pk x 440ml

Łomża Export 500ml

Łomża Unfiltered 500ml

Murphy’s 50ltr Keg

Murphy’s 20ltr Keg

Murphy’s 440ml

Newcastle Brown Ale 550ml

Red Stripe 440ml

Sol 4pk x 330ml

Sol 330ml

Sol 650ml

Sol 12pk x 330ml

Tiger 30ltr Keg

Tiger 330ml

Tiger 640ml

Zywiec Beer 500ml

Heineken® Silver 4pk x 330ml

Beamish 50L Keg

Fosters 4 x 568ml Cans

Cruzcampo Draught 50L Keg

Cruzcampo 4 pack x 660ml

Amstel 4pk x 440ml

Lemon Hooch 440ml Can

Pink Hooch 440ml Can

Blue Hooch 440ml Can

VK Orange & Passionfruit 70cl

VK Ice 70cl

VK Watermelon 70cl

VK Blue 70cl

VK Watermelon 275ml

VK Blue 275ml

VK Orange & Passion Fruit 275ml

VK Ice 275ml

Shake Baby Shake Passionfruit Martini

Shake Baby Shake Raspberry Mojito

Shake Baby Shake Strawberry Daiquiri

VK 10 Pack Mixed

Cruzcampo 12 Pack x 330ml

Cruzcampo 660ml

Birra Moretti 10pk x 330ml

Birra Moretti 4pk x 440ml

Beavertown Lazer Crush 0.3% IPA