Beamish Genuine Irish Stout is a rich, roasted and full-bodied Irish stout with dark chocolate and coffee undertones; a texture that is velvety smooth and flavourful in character, which encapsulates the modern taste of Ireland.

Based on research and testing, we found that Beamish has the potential to appeal to a younger, free-spirited consumer base looking for an alternative to the category leader.

Especially popular among the student market, and priced at great value, Beamish has subsequently gained recent listings in Queen’s Student Union, The Morning Star and The Sunflower Pub. The rich and robust stout has thus witnessed an incredible 25% growth in popularity over the past six months. As a result of this increase and research in mind, we decided to put extra focus behind the brand.

With Beamish Genuine Irish Stout already a huge success within The Sunflower Pub, it made sense to visit the venue during their Open Mic Night gigs – think diverse, trendy, vibrant and rebellious customers which reflects the average Beamish consumer.

Consequently, to celebrate the growth beautiful Beamish, we give away free pints of the renowned stout during the gig – our way of saying thank you to all the new, existing, and loyal Beamish drinkers!

We’re proud to announce that Beamish are now Official Sponsors of Open Mic Night – the perfect companion for an evening of artistic exploration and community connection. For more information on how to participate in Open Mic Night, visit @sunflowerpub on Instagram.

Discover the game-changing stout for yourself – Are you rebellious enough for Beamish?

To order, get in contact with our Sales Development team. An ABV of 4.1% | Available in draught and x4 pack cans.