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Electric Power, Zero Emissions. United Wines are “on the road” to a sustainable future!


Here at United Wines, we are making the switch to electric cars as part of our changes towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future. United Wines, a subsidiary of Heineken, is involved in the Brew A Better World programme. This aims to reduce company wide carbon emissions by 30% by the year 2030. 

The Lurgan based company has begun to make changes from diesel cars and are moving towards electric models in efforts to reduce emissions and work towards green targets. The Business Development Team comprising a team of six will be the first to enjoy the eco-friendly cars, as they travel the most within the business. 

With a battery pack of 82 kWh, the new ID4 Volkswagen model is expected to last for around 400,000 miles. There are many advantages to electric cars, including being more cost-efficient to operate, with electricity costs per mile significantly lower than traditional fuel; and most importantly reducing carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier plant. 

Martin McAuley, Managing Director of United Wines commented:

With our sales team being out on the roads, we have become more conscious of the effect on the environment – thus, we want to reduce the amount of energy we need by using less and becoming more energy efficient. 

We’re taking the right steps in reducing carbon footprint as part of a new greener scheme. These are the first steps towards a greener future and taking diesel cars off the road for good. 

Rory Hill, Company Accountant at United Wines added:

One of the key aims of the business is to play our part in a healthier environment for employees and future generations. Moving to zero emission cars will future proof the business and help reduce our carbon footprint in coming years. As a company we’re proud to make a positive contribution and work towards greener targets.

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