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We create the coolest cocktails from the hottest bars and serve them in convenient ready-to-drink cans, perfect for today’s busy go-getters! With five fruity flavours to discover, Shake Baby Shake offer a cocktail for every occasion, whether hitting the park or hosting at home.

A sparkling mixed fruit flavour vodka mix drink with sugar & sweetener. Contains taurine & caffeine.

Hooch is the good-time, no stress, original alcoholic lemon brew.

It began life in the 90’s – totally shaking up the scene. Relaunched in 2012, it’s a classic still beloved by it’s original drinkers, whilst a new generation of ravers and misbehaviours have fallen for that iconic Hooch zing.

Powered by the same values and beliefs that made Hooch a 90’s classic, we continue to deliver great tasting, easy drinking liquids to those looking for outrageously refreshing good times. With humour as sharp as our lemons and an attitude as easy going as our liquids, you can’t go wrong with Hooch