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An exciting, modern and exceptionally refreshing apple cider.

Orchard Thieves is inspired by the urban fox, who defied expectations when his curious nature bought him from the country to the city. Refusing to be confined to the traditional orchard, we followed in his footsteps. And we are encouraging a new generation of cider drinkers to do the same.c

The story of Old Mout began over 65 years ago.

It started with a cycling trip to England, when Wanda Tait sampled the local Scrumpy and her taste buds fell in love. On her return to Nelson, she set up the cidery in a shed, and Old Mout was born.

The next stage of Old Mout’s history centres around Justin and Scottie, who took over from Wanda. These two pioneering young fellows had a passion for cider and giving new ideas a try. The adventurous duo, who were inspired by amazing island fruits, developed a range of award-winning flavours in New Zealand. New Old Mout fruit cider combinations are now available to enjoy in the UK.

Our Inch’s Medium Apple Cider is a lightly sparkling cider with a fresh apple aroma – perfect for sunshine sipping.

We make it using 100% British apples, grown within 40 miles from our Hereford mill.

Every drop is crafted to strike that perfect balance between sweet and dry for lip-smacking refreshment.

Whatever the occasion, we have a cider for you. Whether it’s drinks at your local, or a summer festival, Strongbow cider is the perfect accompaniment for any occasion. Whatever your choice, they all have one great thing in common: the cut-through refreshment that Strongbow ciders are famous for. All our ciders are made with natural flavourings.